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We have more than 50 years of commercial experience. Our products, both our own and third parties, are available in the different types of businesses throughout the geography of the Republic of Panama: supermarkets, pharmacies, stores, warehouses, cinemas, restaurants, hotels and even in government. We put the experience and positioning of our company at your disposal. Let's talk!

Our history

We are a family business. The first generation of the family begins as producers and traders of honey bee brand APIMA, recognized nationally for its age and presence throughout the market. Here the first commercial relationship with the business chains and old businessmen of the country is built. The first generation laid the foundations for the consolidation of our company today.

The second generation of the family, led by the engineer Juan Eduardo Malivern Fernández, along with his more than one hundred collaborators, manages to build a complete distribution throughout the territory over 20 years, allowing us not only to consolidate ourselves as an importing company, distributor and marketer of products, but also specialize in niche products or special markets.

Our mission and business vision


Provide our customers with health, flavor, well-being and energy, with the most diverse high quality products offered by the international market.

Business vision

  • Provide our consumers with leading and reliable brands for health and wellness.
  • Offer products with the highest quality standards that translate into the wellness of those who consume them.

Distribution channels

Supermarkets chain




Currently, we are the exclusive distributors of nachos for all cinemas in Panama.

Others ...

Distribution centers

We achieve efficiency in our delivery logistics due to distribution centers, warehouses, vehicular fleet and work team.

We have three (3) distribution centers strategically located throughout the Republic of Panama. This allows us internal movements of merchandise in maximum time of 24 hours. The centers are located in Chiriquí, Coclé and Panama City.

We have two (2) warehouses in Panama City, with space for unloading 4 containers simultaneously, and 4 ramps for the daily loading of merchandise.

Human team and fleet of vehicles. We work with more than 15 delivery drivers, and maintain a fleet of more than 12 trucks and 8 panels intended exclusively for daily delivery of merchandise.

The brands that trust us

Foods and drinks

Pharmaceutical products

Personal care, baby accessories, glasses

Home and Gardening

Marketing and sales

We serve both the modern and traditional sales channel.

Our sales force consists of:

  • More than 12 pre-sales vendors for the modern channel
  • More than 15 pre-sales vendors for the traditional channel, or route.

We maintain a constant marketing structure through a:

  • own team of drivers or promoters,
  • tasting agencies,
  • participation in health fairs, government fairs, sports and recreational careers,
  • tastings and impulses from neighborhood stores, to supermarkets.

At the plant level, a marketing department is in charge of quotations, coordinations of fairs and tastings, marketing reports, and training, among others.

Contact us

We are located in:

   Panamá, Ciudad de Panamá, Río Abajo, Calle 15
   Galera frente a Multipack
   Teléfonos +507 278-0835 ó 278-0836
   email: o